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Today is National Pizza Day

It’s National Pizza Day! Here’s where to score the best deals on a pie

Thursday is National Pizza Day! Whether it’s thin crust, stuff crust, deep dish, Chicago style or New York style – you can’t argue that this dish is a fan favorite of Americans coast to coast.

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Today is National Pizza Day

The history of the beloved cheesy food dates back 1,000 years when the word originated. The food itself derives from flatbread of the 18th century. It evolved into what we know and love today after tomatoes were added

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Domino’s Will Give You Free Pizza for Ordering From Its Competitors

Domino’s loyalty program has added a scan-a-pizza function that, strangely, doesn’t differentiate between pizzas. That means the pizza can come from anywhere at all — even your own two hands — and you’ll get points toward free pizza, as long as the AI recognizes it. This is a temporary extension of Domino’s Piece of the Pie Rewards, which lets you redeem points for pizza.

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Best Pizza Places in Southern California

Here’s my finds for the best places. Everyone has different tastes though but my choices are backed up by stats.

Doria’s Haus of Pizza.  (Costa Mesa, California)

Pizza Connoisseurs search far and wide for the best pizza. Many claim to be the best but this is one of the best pizza places out there. Open since 1974, nearly 40 years, this hole in the wall pizza place, in an unsuspected shopping center delivers some of the best pizza around. The Haus special is one of their most famous pizzas, but also consider their minestrone soup, and daily specials which are all great.

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Marechiaro’s Italian Restaurant (El Cajon, California)

I’ve been eating there since I was a little kid. What I like the best is a Provalone Cheese Pizza but they offer other things as well.






This $25 Slice of Pizza Is Inspired by Fyre Festival’s Infamous Cheese Sandwich

With the recent release of two Fyre Festival documentaries on Netflix and Hulu, more details about the disastrous event have come out than ever before. And yet, one of the most enduring images from the doomed “luxury music festival” will always be the infamous cheese sandwich: two slices of cheese presented open-faced with a couple slices of bread. Now, with the renewed interest in the Fyre Festival — and hopefully a willingness to laugh about it in retrospect — the stunt-loving pizza chain Villa Italian Kitchen has decided to launch its own “luxury pizza experience” at participating locations nationwide… a new menu item called the “Festival Pyzza.”

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Hearthstone Offers Pizza-Inspired Card Back for Ranked Play in February

In a tweet made earlier today from the Hearthstone Twitter account, Blizzard has revealed that the card back for February 2019 will be Pizza Stone.

The card back, inspired by the delicious Italian pie, is one of Hearthstone’s many foodie card backs. These have been wildly popular in the past, as we’ve seen with the Cupcake (April 2015), Pie (October 2016), HearthS’mores (July 2017), and Lemonade (August 2018).

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