Retired Man’s Pizza Craving Lands Him $350,000 Lottery Jackpot By

A Wisconsin man jonesing for a pizza ended up a rich man.

Steve Allen, a retiree from De Soto, said he was craving a pizza from Rocky Rococo’s, a legendary Wisconsin pie chain. On the way, he stopped to buy some lottery tickets.

“I had a craving for Rocky Rococo’s pizza and decided to head there,” Allen told lottery officials when he claimed his prize.

He hit the Super Cash nightly drawing for $350,000, the largest pay-out for that game.

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Finally, A Decent Pizza Cutter/Fork Combo Utensil

Because there’s no such thing as too many novelty pizza gadgets, this is the $13 pizza cutter/fork hybrid utensil. The pizza cork (pizza futter?) allows a user to effortlessly cut pizza into bite-size pieces with the wheel blade, then shovel it down their gullet with the fork. Alternatively, just eat the pizza folded up in paper plate like a normal person who only takes four minutes to eat dinner so they can get back to playing video games. And by video games I mean love games. And by love games *setting down controller* I mean your heart is mine now.

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Kate Middleton’s Pizza Topping Preferences Are the Most Interesting Thing You’ll Hear Today

Today, Kate Middleton did an adorable thing and made pizzas with schoolchildren as part of her support of the King Henry’s Walk Garden, and she let it slip that she has a slightly crazy opinion re: pizza toppings.

“Has anyone ever put bacon on the pizza before? I quite like that,” Kate said. “Because it’s like having pepperoni but it’s not spicy. Very good.

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